About Us

Hand made old fashioned bricks for authenticity and durability.

In a society that is always rushing, there’s little to no space for true beauty and uniqueness. Old fashioned bricks not only showcase the culture and history but give your home a sense of coziness, help you get away from the overly used standart home model and bring out your inner creativity.

“These new building materials will be for made for another 100 years or so, but the old fashioned bricks are no longer manufactured anywhere”- says “Senovine Plyta” founder Aidas Navickas. He’s been selling and providing A class authentic bricks for inside and outside decoration as well as building for the past 20 years for Lithuanian and foreign towns. The businessman and history lover notes that these hand made bricks are not only beautiful, they serve a very great and practical purpose as well, because houses with painted exterior usually require more looking after than the ones with brick exterior. The brick in itself doesn’t require special care or attention. They have been serving their owners for the past hundred years and they are ready to serve decades into the future.

It is noted that one shouldn’t worry that the colour of the bricks may vary as for the building of one object bricks are provided from a single source. It is true though that the size differs about 5mm to either side because they were hand made and that would be the result of human error. Nonetheless, their uniqueness and difference is their biggest attribute.

Aidas Navickas is proud that his bricks were used for restoration not only in Lithuania, but for reconstructions of other European city old towns. These handmade bricks can be used for commercial and private use while building such sites as entire housing areas, parks, shopping centres as well as restaurants (such as Belmontas), fireplace decorations and others.

We believe that while the foundation of admiration and love for tradition and uniqueness is set, these authentic and handmade old fashioned bricks will be one of the most attractive building materials around.